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   Originally from a small town in Northeast Tennessee, Krystina has traveled the country chasing her radio dream.  Immediately after college, she moved to West Palm Beach, FL with a degree in graphic design and a job at an advertising agency.  It didn’t take long, however, for this lover of performing arts to realize that a desk job just wasn’t for her.  She was falling out of love with design, while at the same time falling in love with the number one morning show in town – The Kevin, Virginia & Jason Show.  When she heard they were looking for interns, she went immediately to a local college to register for any course that would allow her to get internship credit.  She contacted the show, and before she knew it, she was sharing stories on the air and running out to buy 10 pounds of macaroni at 6:30 in the morning.

   Once her semester ended, Krystina was invited to stay with the show, and spent the rest of that year learning everything she could – editing audio, recording promos and even running the board.  Thanks to Kevin Rolston and his amazing team, Krystina knew that radio was exactly what she wanted to do.  So, she flew to L.A., met with every radio professional she could get ahold of, and passed out resumes.  Before the summer had ended, Krystina was offered a position with FOX Sports Radio.  Off to the west coast!

   In her four years in L.A., Krystina worked her way up the radio ranks, co-hosting a sports talk show and even hosting her own web show on the FOX Sports website.  She continued to rise, moving to producer of Lovesongs on the KOST with Karen Sharp, and eventually to on-air producer for the KOST 103.5 morning show.  Thanks to the waves she had made in the industry, Krystina was recommended for a position in Houston, and got the offer to work with Eric Rowe and The Roula & Ryan Show on heritage station KRBE.  Knowing the prestige of those hosts, that station, and the Houston market in general, Krystina packed her bags and headed south to Texas.

   During her time in Houston, Krystina has fine-tuned her radio game, and quickly became one of the sales department’s most-requested personalities.  She even spends her free time recording a podcast for the KRBE website, and has gained an impressive following.  She’s not afraid of hard work, and consistently puts everything she has into achieving her dreams.

“People who accomplish great things have a PASSION about what they’re doing.”   –Greg Depriest

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